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Welcome to the wiki! This is a wiki I'm making for the YouTube gaming group, TurnBasedComedy. You can find them at

The GroupEdit

This wiki is mainly meant to introduce people to an amazing YouTube channel. The YouTube channel has three main guys you'll see (or more accurately, hear) in their videos. Herao, Morgoloth, and Dentonomous are the three main members of the group with Electro Party Cat, Lodos, 8BitNinjaTurtle, and Constantine being mainly support members, either appearing in the one in a million video, or doing behind the scenes stuff. Electro Party Cat is the Party Manager, Lodos is the guy who refuses to come out of the shadows, Constantine edits videos for the most part, and 8BitNinjaTurtle is the main Website Designer and Pyro Expert. As for the main three, Morgoloth is no longer with the group, but when he was, he was the nerdy one. Dentonomous is the token foreigner. Herao is the silly (and kind of dumb) one. =P He's also the pseudo-leader.

Latest activityEdit

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